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If you are in the bay area, amongst the top things you should do is to see it from the air in a quiet, comfortable, and modern glider.

Yes, that sounds amazing, but now it is possible. You may ask why a glider? A glider is quiet, has a 360 deg view, and practically no vibration, and gives you the closest feeling of being a bird that you can experience.

Aerial tour of the Bay area is a unique, and breathtaking experience. The images that you will be exposed to, are treasures that will remain with you and cherished forever. You will gain a new perspective of physical space. You will gain new point of view of familiar places.

The beauty of the Bay area is breathtaking. You will experience a view of Monterey bay, Napa, and San Francisco as you have never seen before. A unique feature of power glider is the fact that the engine can be shut down in the air, just the joy of free flight without engine vibration, and noise.

Ever wonder what it feels like if you could fly like an eagle?


Well, find out! in this Diamond Hk36 with 53 foot wing span glider

A power glider offers the best of both worlds. The freedom of an engine for take off and landing, and silence of free flight. There is no flying experiences like this. If you are a private pilot or glider pilot you will appreciate the experience even more.

Call us for all your all aerial tour needs, sit back and relax.

Affordable, quite, peaceful, tours of San Francisco, Bay area, Napa, Monterey, and  Las Vega

Affordable, quiet, peaceful, tours of Stanford, SLAC, San Francisco, Bay area, Monterey, and Las Vegas in a well equipped, and modern marvel of aviation technology.

See Stanford University from the air and look for your favorite department. 


You will also see Stanford linear accelerator (SLAC) which is perhaps the longest structure in bay area.

and sometimes makes you just wonder if heaven would be as beautiful !!!


Photo courtesy of Paul Calkins.